Chahal is one of the most sought after players in the upcoming auction for IPL 2022. It won’t be surprising to see franchises stretching their purses to buy him for their teams. Yuzvendra has come out with his opinion on the franchise that he wants to play for, even though he aims to keep all his options open.

According to a report by espncricinfo, Chahal says, “The eight-year trip [with the Royal Challengers] was unforgettable. This time, there is no right to match [which the organization utilized to keep him in 2018], so I’ll go to whoever offers me the best deal. This is the first time I’m considering switching teams because there is no right to match. I am willing to join any team. You should be prepared to play for any team as a professional athlete”.

“Obviously, I want to return to RCB. But if I go somewhere else, I won’t feel horrible. All of them must form new teams. I have no objections to whoever takes me. I will continue to contribute everything I have. However, it can take some time to become used to a new franchise. That is, however, why we refer to ourselves as professional players”, Chahal stated.