During the T20 World Cup, there were team fights on the field, off the field, and on social media in addition to verbal scuffles between current and former cricketers, particularly from India and Pakistan. The most recent of these was the incident on Sunday in Melbourne involving Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan and legendary Indian pacer Mohammed Shami, which happened shortly after the Babar Azam-led team’s heartbreaking loss to England in the T20 World Cup final. Former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram attacked these players in a statement about recent Twitter arguments.

Shortly after Pakistan’s five-wicket loss at the MCG, Akhtar posted the broken heart symbol on Twitter. There were no written words and no hashtags either. The same broken-heart emoticons and the phrase “Hello brother, it’s call karma” were added by Shami when she retweeted the article. Also taking offense at the pacer was Akhtar. The Twitter duel turned out to be one of the most well-liked topics on the social networking site in light of Pakistan’s defeat.

During a conversation on A Sports, Akram responded to the Twitter argument by saying that since we are all patriotic to our own countries, we should let it be rather than respond to such comments.

We must uphold our objectivity. I have no issue with Indians’ strong sense of patriotism for their country. Instead, simply refrain from doing it, dude; tweet at will; and jalti pe tel daalna “He went on.

Former Pakistani captain Misbah ul Haq, who took part in the conversation, said, “Don’t do this just to gain a few “Likes.” Whether we are from Pakistan, India, or any other country, we are all cricket players. As a result, we should respect one another and let each other know what we think. We are also responsible for something.