Earlier this year, MS Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to their fourth Indian Premier League (IPL) title. Since the IPL ended, fans have been wondering if Dhoni will return for the next season, especially with the upcoming big auction. The veteran then stated that everything would rely on the BCCI’s retention policy, which was still being finalised at the moment. On Saturday, Dhoni visited a CSK event, and the subject of whether he will play in the next IPL season arose once more. In response to the query, the 40-year-old remarked that he has plenty of time to decide whether or not to play in the IPL 2022.

“I’ll think about it; there’s still a lot of time; we’re just in November.” According to NDTV, Dhoni stated that the IPL 2022 will be held in April. Harsha Bhogle had addressed MS Dhoni about his IPL future in the presentation ceremony following the IPL 2021 final, but he had not provided a clear answer. He was certain that CSK should not suffer and that the team should be built through the auction process over the next ten years.

“As I’ve previously stated, it is dependent on the BCCI. With the addition of two new teams, we must decide what is best for CSK. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the top three or four. It’s all about building a solid foundation so the franchise doesn’t suffer. We have to take a close look at the core group to determine who can contribute for the next ten years,” Dhoni added.

This strongly suggested that the wicketkeeper-batter would not return to the field, but his following remark pleased everyone. “You may be proud of the legacy you have left behind,” Harsha Bhogle said, prompting MS Dhoni to add that he had yet to leave his legacy. With a smile on his face, he continued, “I still haven’t left behind.”