India has established a 1-0 series lead after completing a decisive 188-run win against Bangladesh in the first Test at Chattogram. The second and final Test, which begins on Thursday, will now take place in Dhaka. However, the squad will be watching the highly anticipated match between Argentina and France at the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be Lionel Messi’s farewell appearance at the biggest sporting event, before the game.

KL During the post-game news conference, Rahul was asked whether the team stands were split into French and Argentine colors. India’s acting captain had a funny reaction.

“Whichever team we were rooting for has already been eliminated. Few England and Brazil supporters could be found. I don’t know who supports France or Argentina, so let’s just watch the game. Together, we’ll watch the game while enjoying a satisfying supper.” As I stated, recovering from a game five days later is exhausting, so relax tonight and watch the game. We all adore football, and this is the World Cup final. The majority of you have seen that we often play football before warmups and even in the locker room.

It’ll be fascinating to observe the game today since while FIFA was popular at first, the players have now relaxed a little and have other priorities. We will have some differences, that’s what makes watching sports exciting,” said Rahul as the audience erupted in laughter.

Resuming our discussion of cricket, India made a solid all-around debut in the red-ball series. Despite a slow start in the first inning, India amassed a stunning 404/10 because of the contributions of Cheteshwar Pujara and Shreyas Iyer.

The visitors then finished off Bangladesh’s innings for 150 and took a commanding 254-run advantage before stepping up to the plate once again. Following quick hundreds from Shubman Gill and Pujara, India declared their second innings for 258/2, giving the hosts the difficult task of chasing down 513.

Bangladesh did put up a fight, but they could only muster 324 before they ran out of wickets.