Dwayne Bravo has said his goodbyes to international cricket, but he has no plans to completely abandon the sport. On November 6, the 38-year-old played his final T20I against Australia, as West Indies completed their 2021 tournament campaign with an eight-wicket loss. “I’ll keep playing franchise cricket for a few more years as long as my body allows it,” Bravo stated after the game in a virtual media interaction. “I had planned to retire a few years ago, but with a change of presidency and leadership came a change of heart, and I wanted to give back to the West Indies since I was still physically fit and enjoying my cricket.”

“I believe this is the perfect time for me to retire from the game and allow the next generation of young players, with whom I have a close friendship,” Bravo stated. “They still see me around, but it’s more as a policy to share knowledge around and try to pass on my expertise to the next crop of players, so that they can enjoy a 12-to-18-year career as well.”

Bravo, a T20 legend in his own right, made his international debut in 2004 and has played in 91 T20Is, as well as 40 Tests and ODIs for the West Indies. In the same time frame, he competed in T20 leagues all over the world, cementing his reputation as one of the best T20 players ever. His record of 16 T20 League titles is unrivalled.

“I’m sure you’ll see me around. Cricket, as I have stated, has given me everything. Cricket has provided me and my family the life I’ve always desired. As a result, I believe it is only right that I give back to the game that has given me so much. Again, I keep encouraging myself because of the potential I see developing in the West Indies, and any team I play for anywhere in the world, so you will undoubtedly see me participating.”