A few months ago, a video featuring a former West Indies fast bowler pleading with Sachin Tendulkar to help his school’s prospective cricketers with equipment went viral. Cricket The Covid-19 epidemic exacerbated the financial situation that West Indies has long been dealing with, necessitating the board to borrow money to pay its executives and players. However, grassroots cricket continues to struggle even as the board management strives to recover its footing and attain financial stability. Winston Benjamin had reached out to Sachin in August to request help for some of the youngsters at his academy. Still, he was taken aback by the reaction he received from the athletic apparel manufacturer PUMA. The veteran bowler spoke exclusively to Hindustan Times about his assistance from the sports organization and offered his opinions on the current West Indies squad and their chances of winning the next T20 World Cup.

“I spoke briefly with a representative of Sachin’s company, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. In our most recent conversation, we discussed putting things together, but I haven’t heard from him. I’m happy and a bit surprised by how quickly PUMA banded together to provide us with some much-needed equipment. We appreciate the work put out by PUMA. For us, everything was sent. We are immensely appreciative that everything was covered, “said he.

“The connection with PUMA has improved since that time. I had planned to make a film with them, but I became ill. The kids are, nonetheless, pleased to get these necessities since we have been working to secure either very scarce or nonexistent facilities. So it’s fantastic that a company like PUMA chose to fund a little-known cricket academy. They have been instrumental in making sure the kids are well prepared. We could not have done it at the size we are now. Even though we still need more tools, they have greatly assisted.”

Benjamin, who represented the West Indies in 21 Tests and 85 ODIs between 1987 and 1995, has been quite critical of the current Windies team. According to Benjamin, the squad will have difficulties at first.