The fervor and ferocity of the atmosphere that can be witnessed during a game between India and Pakistan are hard to match in international cricket. Even though the two teams only ever play each other in international competitions, Test matches between the two teams have seen several stars deliver career-defining performances.

The Test matches featured several fierce confrontations, but they also featured respectful exchanges between the two teams. There were also times when things came to a head, as was the case with Sachin Tendulkar’s dismissal in the opening test of the Asian Test Championship in 1998–1999. In the first innings of the game, Tendulkar was dismissed for a duck after being struck by a scorching yorker thrown by Shoaib Akhtar.

The disputed point included the dismissal in the second inning. Tendulkar was run out as a result of colliding with Shoaib, who was this time fielding with Pakistan captain Wasim Akram bowling. The Pakistani players’ celebrations after their dismissal was upheld on appeal and in their favor were not well received by the Eden Gardens crowd. They began throwing rocks and insults at the visitors, so the game had to be stopped. Sunil Gavaskar, a former India captain, approached Wasim, who has since revealed this in his autobiography, “Sultan: A Memoir.”

“The match referee approached me at the intermission together with Sunil Gavaskar. Wasim, we believe you need to contact Sachin back,” Sunny remarked. In India, everyone will adore you. In an excerpt from the book, Wasim writes, “Sunny knew how partisan the Kolkata crowd could be; he had once refused to play a Test there because he had been so severely booed the previous time.

“But I also had to consider my fans. They might love me in India, but they will hate me in Pakistan, Sunny Bhai, I said. In any case, it’s not my choice. He is now out thanks to the umpire. I can no longer withdraw the appeal; it is too late. The game has gone on. We are all aware that it was an accident, but cricket is rife with mishaps. It’s not the captains’ job to fix things.

Tendulkar played the ball to mid-wicket and then made a third run. The fielder, Nadeem Khan, was successful in getting a direct hit. While focusing on the ball, Tendulkar noticed that Shoaib had obstructed his view. Just as Tendulkar was getting to the crease, they collided. Later, Nadeem would acknowledge that the direct hit was an accident.