When Virat Kohli hammered successive hundreds in an ODI series against the West Indies in August of 2019, it felt like it was just a matter of time until he surpassed Sachin Tendulkar’s record of most ODI centuries. However, 32 months later, Kohli failed to record another ODI century. In fact, a guy who used to peel off hundreds for pleasure at one time in his career hasn’t scored one since November of 2019. (See also: ‘Sachin might have gotten those 6 runs.’) Yuvraj on Multan declaration: “I don’t believe two overs would have made a difference.”

Rashid Latif, a former Pakistan captain, has chimed in on the matter, thinking Kohli’s dismal form has hit an all-time high. According to Latif, Kohli seemed to be on track to smash Sachin Tendulkar’s batting records in a hurry at one point, but his poor form currently makes it tough for him to overtake the former India captain.

“Every player passes through this period; some get out of it quickly, while others take their time. Guys like Kohli are under greater scrutiny because they are celebrities. Rest has been urged by Ravi Shastri and others, but Virat Kohli knows best. He would score a lot of runs when he was in form. Virat was on track to easily beat Sachin Tendulkar’s record, having made so many hundreds in the past. He carried it to its logical conclusion. But now that he’s struggling with lousy form, it, too, has reached a pinnacle point “On the YouTube programme ‘Caught Behind,’ Latif stated.