Virat Kohli, who defeated Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match, confesses, “I am messing things up, not finding gaps.”

Virat Kohli scored one of the greatest T20I cricket centuries ever against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup Super 12 game on Sunday. Thanks to Kohli’s tenacious effort, who finished unbeaten on 82 runs off 53 balls, Team India successfully chased down the 160-run barrier and won the match by four wickets. The thrill of the chase was increased by the fact that Kohli inspired the squad to win after they were down 31-4 at one stage.

After losing KL Rahul early, India was down to 7/1 when Kohli ended his batting innings. The situation deteriorated as Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, and Axar Patel all exited early, leaving just Hardik Pandya and Kohli to complete the pursuit. Due to his slow start, Kohli at one stage only managed to score 12 runs from the first 21 balls he faced.

Kohli, who in the end proved to be the game-winning run for India, spoke about both the tense run chase and the shaky beginning.

“I thought, “I am messing up this game,” when I was 12 off of 21. I’m not using the ball to plug the holes. But when I played for India, it was always my responsibility since it comes with experience and knowledge of the value of batting deep. I am aware that at the end of innings, I can greatly contribute to the power hitting “declared Kohli during the T20 World Cup’s official broadcast on Star Sports.

The former India captain had nothing but appreciation for Hardik Pandya, a teammate with whom he had a partnership of more than 100 runs and who had helped India escape a grave situation.

“I did, however, start to open up as he entered and began pushing certain boundaries, even though, to be quite honest, I was under a lot of pressure at that time. We were unaware of that collaboration until we reached 100. While pushing ourselves to move swiftly and watching their nonverbal signs, we resumed our conversation. Even though it turned extremely slowly, we expected it would ultimately turn. We regret not doing it sooner “The former India captain added.