The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) franchise has decided to keep Virat Kohli ahead of the major auctions. Kohli was the first of three RCB players to be retained for the 2022 IPL season, the other two being Glenn Maxwell and Mohammed Siraj. Kohli will also receive a payment of INR 15 crores. This implies the right-handed batting juggernaut will be paid INR 2 crores less than he was in IPL 2021. Last year, the RCB franchise paid Kohli a hefty sum of INR 17 crores.

Parthiv Patel, a former Indian cricketer, has now spoken out about Kohli’s pay decrease. Patel reasoned that Kohli, who is 33 years old, would have chosen to take a wage cut in the team’s best interests. Patel even referred to Kohli’s decision as the correct one.

“I believe he took a pay reduction in the team’s best interests. Those Rs 2 crore would have been deducted from their kitty if he had taken Rs 17 crore. He has made that decision in the team’s best interests, and it is the correct decision. We all know how talented Virat Kohli is as a cricketer. In an interview with Star Sports, Parthiv Patel said, “He made the right decision.”

On his side, Virat Kohli stated that when he was called by the RCB franchise and informed that he will be retained, he had no second thoughts. Kohli further stated that as an RCBian, he is dedicated and that his best is yet to come.

“When I was contacted, I had no reservations whatsoever. I believe the best is yet to come, and I’m excited about what’s in store for the upcoming season. We are grateful for your commitment as an RCBian. As always, I’ll be there for RCB with my whole heart and soul,” Virat Kohli said.