Virat Kohli has stepped down from the Test captaincy and this move has received mixed responses from netizens and many cricketers. He announced this decision on Twitter and Instagram.
“Every day, it’s taken 7 years of hard labour, toil, and unwavering determination to move the team in the right direction. I’ve done the task completely honestly and haven’t left anything out. At some point, everything has to come to a standstill at some point, and for me, as India’s Test Captain, that time has arrived. Along the way, there have been many ups and some downs, but there has never been a shortage of work or belief. I’ve always believed that giving my all in whatever I do is the right thing to do, and if I can’t, I know it’s not. I am completely honest with my team and have perfect clarity in my heart.
I’d like to thank the BCCI for allowing me to represent my nation for such a long time, as well as all of my teammates who believed in the vision I had for the team from the beginning and never gave up in any scenario. This journey has been made even more memorable and lovely because of you. You all played a huge role in bringing this vision to life, especially Ravi Bhai and the support group, who were the motor behind this vehicle that continually moved us ahead in Test Cricket.”
BCCI has stated that this was his personal decision and it will be respected by the organization. BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has said that he could have carried on as Test captain for a few more years.
But it appears Sunil Gavaskar has different views. He says Kohli took this decision to avoid getting dismissed by the BCCI after India lost the test series against South Africa. “As a captain, I’ve seen how series losses abroad are not well received by the board, the cricket-loving fans, or board administrators. The captain is in jeopardy of losing his job. That has occurred in the past, and I’m confident it could have happened again this time since this was a series that India was anticipated to win comfortably. I’m not at least surprised. I thought it may have happened after the awards ceremony, but that would have looked like it came from a place of frustration after losing the series. So, I believe there is a brief pause before the decision is made. Given what has happened previously, this is a distinct possibility. In light of the fact that he has been demoted from his position as ODI captain, Yes, that was always a possibility after losing this series. What happens if you don’t win? It doesn’t matter how successful he has been as an individual; in a team sport, the captain is the one who makes the decisions, “Gavaskar stated.
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