Mickey Arthur, the former head coach of Pakistan, will probably return to the Asian team in the same role but with a different emphasis. According to sources, when Arthur assumes coaching responsibilities for Pakistan, he will make history as the first-ever online coach of a cricket team. However, he will be accessible in person at the next ODI World Cup in India later this year. Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi expressed his confusion in response to the news, and he questioned the PCB’s reasoning for hiring a foreign coach.

The reports on Pakistan’s peculiar arrangement state that Arthur would remain in his current position as head coach of the Derbyshire County Cricket Club while simultaneously serving as an online mentor to the Pakistan cricket team. However, he will have a helper on the field to lead the team while he is away.

Hearing the stories confused Afridi, who had just finished serving as the temporary head selector of the Pakistani team. “Well, even I don’t know what kind of coaching will take place or what the strategy is,” he said. It defies the sense that a foreign coach would be guiding the national team online.

The PCB’s targeting of foreign coaches infuriated the former Pakistan all-rounder as well since, in his opinion, Pakistan has many competent experienced cricketers who can serve as national team coaches. Here, Pakistan does have competent coaches. I am aware that PCB also considers the individual’s current political involvement. But in cricket, all of the things should be set aside to find someone who can make the difficult decisions that ultimately result in a strong team.

Arthur’s return to Pakistan as head coach is a done deal, according to PCB chairman Najam Sethi, who made the announcement a few days before.

“I just want to be clear I believe 90% of the talks are being had directly with Mickey. We have covered a lot of ground, and we could have some happy news for you shortly. Sethi had said at a press conference that “if Mickey arrives he will be forming his squad and we will just discover how much we need to pay them and this subject will be handled in 2-3 days.”