A fast bowler running in and hurling the ball at tremendous speed is one of the most exciting images in cricket. A real speedster, such as Umran Malik, can routinely clock 150 kph, but Natarajan relies on accuracy and precision to establish his value at the end. They are part of a new crop of Indian fast bowlers that can bowl quickly and use a variety of modern cricket tactics. Mohammed Shami, on the other hand, stands out among the current generation, and not only because of his speed and new-ball ability.

The 31-year-old is often regarded as one of the top seam bowlers in the current era. Regardless of the format, he gets movement, and seeing him play with the new ball is almost like witnessing poetry in motion, thanks to the seam and wrist position mixed with an upright action. Shami may be India’s leading pacer in the next T20 World Cup, but he is overjoyed to see the fast bowling cabinet bursting at the seams. In the present IPL season, a group of young quicks have created waves. Mohsin Khan of the Lucknow Super Giants is the most recent addition to the crop, with 10 wickets in six matches.

During the lockdown in 2020, Mohsin had the unique opportunity to practise with Shami at his Amroha residence. During the sessions, he took up a lot of information, but Shami believes the 23-year-old still has to work on his game plan, which will serve as a solid basis going ahead.

“It’s encouraging to know that Indian cricket’s future is secure. It is critical that these young people concentrate on their education and progress in their careers “During a select media session on Friday, Shami responded to a Hindustan Times question.