How do I download the Fantasy Cricket app? Where can I find fantasy cricket game rules? What exactly is fantasy cricket? How do you play it? Is it any different from any regular cricket game? Do I need to sign up before the cricket season starts? If you’re anything like most of the users who ask questions in fantasy cricket forums, these are just some of the questions you have regarding fantasy cricket, the ever-popular game that lets you predict player performances to earn points. But don’t worry; in this ultimate guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about fantasy cricket & how to download fantasy cricket apps on Android and iOS devices so that you can make informed decisions about signing up and drafting your team before the start of the season!

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Before you can play fantasy cricket, you’ll need to understand what it is. Fantasy cricket is a game where participants assemble a team of real-life cricketers and accumulate points based on their individual performance over the course of a league or tournament. With your fantasy cricket team assembled, compete against other participants, using your strategic know-how to come out on top.

For any cricket fan, one of the most exciting parts of following their favorite team isn’t just rooting for them on game day but also participating in fantasy cricket leagues. Not only can fantasy leagues offer you and your friends a fun way to enjoy the games together and even win some money, but they can also help you feel more connected to the sport through an experience that feels more participatory than passive. Even if you aren’t very good at picking players or setting lineups, it’s still possible to have lots of fun and learn more about the sport by playing fantasy cricket!

Fantasy cricket gives fans an opportunity to pick the best possible team, at no risk to themselves. It also allows them to get deeply involved in professional cricket while still being able to enjoy playing fantasy sports with friends or family. Participating in fantasy cricket helps fans develop a better understanding of how each player impacts his team’s performance.

We’ve put together our own Ultimate Guide to Playing Fantasy Cricket so that players can learn everything they need to know about fantasy cricket before they start drafting their teams and competing against others!

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

1. Get a Fantasy Cricket App.

Your fantasy cricket app of choice can make or break your season, so it’s important to choose wisely. You need an app that’s easy to use and fast to load, but at the same time, it needs to be able to support an active group of friends from across the world and allow you to see all the stats you need in order to make smart decisions during live games.

While there are several available in various countries around the world, we recommend using Fan2Play because it’s affordable and accessible on a variety of platforms. It gives you a 100% bonus and free entry contests with real cash prizes. It also gives you an instant 200% welcome bonus to get started. In addition, you can create your own contests and invite friends. Check out all features here. It also makes setup quick and easy. You can download it directly from here on both Android and IOS.

2. Select the match you want to play.

After downloading and signing up you can select a match in which you want to play. You can select a match in which you want to play and start building the virtual team. You will draught 11 players from around the world from the 22–25 available players for that day’s match. The names of each player are displayed on a live roster so you can keep track of who is in or out of your lineup. Points are awarded based on real-life performance. Learn more about how to play Fan2Play fantasy cricket. It’s pretty simple!

3. Keep Your Team Updated

At times, you may even find yourself obsessively tracking scores or researching strategies! Fantasy cricket is one of those special games that brings you great joy when your team is doing well and agony when they’re struggling. This means keeping your fantasy cricket players updated on their stats, at all times so you can make adjustments quickly. Fan2Play will keep your whole team up-to-date with real-time game updates, player movements, squad changes, and more, giving you a competitive edge. You won’t miss a single thing about your fantasy teams with our easy-to-use platform. It’s everything you need in one place!

4. Participate in multiple leagues

If you love playing fantasy sports, start playing in multiple leagues. The more chances you have to win and prove your skills, the more competitive you’ll be—and that’s when real money is on the line! By challenging yourself against different opponents from around the world, you’ll learn a lot about how other players think and make decisions. You can then apply those lessons to your own game—which will ultimately improve your odds of winning. One helpful hack for beginners: Find a league whose rules are similar to what you already know, so that it won’t be as difficult for you to understand or compete in it right away. Even experienced fantasy players should do something like this if they aren’t sure they can take on their most skilled friends immediately. There’s no need to wait until you feel ready before competing at a high level; sometimes, success begins with taking baby steps.

5. Enjoy Playing.

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and chance. And, as with all games of skill and chance, there are ups and downs. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy cricket, consider playing fantasy cricket! While it may seem like a complex game at first glance, in actuality it can be quite simple; what’s more important is that it brings people together who love cricket! Whether you want to win or just have fun, fantasy cricket is one game that has something for everyone.


What’s your favorite thing about cricket? Is it the bright lights of the stadiums, the glitz, nail-biter, and maybe the skill of cricket’s finest players and their attire? or is it that every game no matter what players are on either team? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re definitely going to want to join in on fantasy cricket this year! Whether you’re a player or just someone who enjoys the following cricket, fantasy cricket games let you be on a team even if you don’t play on one! Make sure you get into a league with your friends; there’s nothing better than trying to outdo each other during an intense game. We hope you enjoyed reading our ultimate guide and that it gave you an overview of what fantasy cricket is all about. Now go play some games!