BCCI may enable the two new IPL teams to buy a few players outside of the auction for the 2022 edition in order to offer a level playing field.

The Board has yet to confirm the number of retentions for the existing eight teams, casting uncertainty on a number of high-profile signings that have been released for the auction. MS Dhoni, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings, has expressed reservations about playing next season, while KL Rahul, the captain of the Punjab Kings, is expected to be released.

The number of special picks has yet to be determined, but it is expected to be two or three, with the ultimate amount based on the number of retention allowed for the eight current teams. So far, the prevailing consensus is that current franchises could be allowed up to four retentions, with three Indians and one foreigner, or a maximum of three Indians and a maximum of two foreigners, with a total of four players. There are unlikely to be any Right to Match (RTM) cards if four are allowed.

Following the introduction of the two new franchisees, the retention regulations are expected to be published later this month in Dubai. On Wednesday, the BCCI extended the auction of Invitations to Tender (ITT) for interested parties by another ten days. The Board affirmed that the postponement will not affect the sale of the teams, which will take place on October 25.

The BCCI has set a net worth of Rs 2500 crore for a person who wants to acquire a team. Furthermore, the companies tendering must have a revenue of Rs 3000 crore.