On April 25, 2008, Kings XI Punjab defeated Mumbai Indians by 66 runs at the Wankhede Stadium in an IPL league match. The entire sequence of events that followed is uncertain since cricketers were exchanging handshakes with opposing cricketers. Punjab’s S Sreesanth approached Mumbai’s Harbhajan Singh, who was commanding the team in place of the injured Sachin Tendulkar. Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth seconds later, much to the surprise of many, and the latter burst into tears.

Punjab captain Yuvraj Singh informed that Harbhajan had visited the Punjab dressing room and apologized to Sreesanth. Harbhajan Singh, on the other hand, remained silent during the post-match news conference. The Mumbai cricketers in the dugout were not pleased with Sreesanth’s celebrations during the match, it was subsequently revealed. One of the two umpires in the match, Amish Saheba, later said that he and Aleem Dar had cautioned Sreesanth about his out-of-control emotions.

It didn’t seem good for Harbhajan, whatever it was. The BCCI has begun an investigation into the situation. Sudhir Nanavati was chosen for the job. The BCCI has suspended Harbhajan for the remainder of the season based on the findings. Until Tendulkar was available again, Mumbai was led by Shaun Pollock.

While there is no public footage of the slap, there are images of Sreesanth weeping. The BCCI’s decision was based on video footage acquired from one of the 21 television cameras on the field, according to ESPNCricinfo. Harbhajan has expressed regret for the event throughout the years. Since then, the two cricketers have been on friendly terms.