Funny pre-T20 World Cup exchange between Pakistani player Mohammad Rizwan and an Indian fan: “Peshawar aa jao!”

Players and fans from India and Pakistan almost always show strong friendship before cricket matches, despite their antagonism. The players are working hard to get ready for the rematch between the two teams later this week when they will play in the first match of the T20 World Cup.

The best wicketkeeper and opener for Pakistan are seen practicing their fielding in a viral video while interacting with a fan who offers to bowl him some leg spin.

“Has Rizwan’s leg already begun to whirl? Do you want some leg spin from me? “The video’s admirer asserts. After completing his shot, Rizwan then faces him. “Legs jerking? Aye phir haa karade. Wow, Peshawar is open. (Yes, sure. Go bowling in Peshawar while there “He asserts.

“From India, I say hello to you. (Sir, I’m an Indian.)” The cheering Indian fan goes on. The fan goes on to say that Rizwan is his favorite Pakistan cricketer and that he was eager to bowl since he sometimes plays leg spinner himself.

India and Pakistan will play in the T20 World Cup on Sunday at the enormous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), which is sold out for the game. India was beaten by Pakistan in the first match of the 2021 T20 World Cup by an unbelievable margin of 10 wickets. Pakistan has never before triumphed against their longtime foe in a World Cup game. The two sides also faced off once again at the Asia Cup. Pakistan won the second game by the same margin by which India had won the first, by a score of five wickets.