The young Arshdeep Singh has had a fantastic start to his cricket career in India. Until the IPL 2022, when Team India wanted to restart their T20 International campaign a year prior, Arshdeep was not on their radar. Soon after receiving his first India cap a few weeks later, there was no looking back. In addition to being named to the World Cup roster, he is currently one of India’s most crucial players in the competition. Before the third ODI match against New Zealand, head coach Rahul Dravid made an unexpected comparison between the young player and Jasprit Bumrah. Arshdeep responded to Dravid’s comment.

Before the crucial T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh, Dravid was asked about Arshdeep’s rise to prominence. The renowned batter admitted that he had been very happy as he contrasted Arshdeep’s rise to that of Bumrah.

Unquestionably, Bums (Bumrah) was one of our players and was due to bowl two of those (the final five) overs. We were very pleased with how young Arshdeep has developed over the past few months “He had spoken.

I would say that Arshdeep was on the list of bowlers I had in mind when I first took over in November (last year), but he had undoubtedly never participated in an IPL of that caliber. He was successful in one IPL. But his subsequent development demonstrates that he has forced his way in and done well. To see that is very encouraging.”

Arshdeep was questioned by the media regarding Dravid’s statement before the third One-Day International matchup against New Zealand.

He responded, “Usually players don’t worry about all this because we love our sport and we want to have fun while playing for the team. I don’t think about how difficult or easy it was. Additionally, when I succeed, I feel good about myself. I didn’t enter the competition intending to be the main bowler. I frequently only focus on the upcoming competition.