Suryakumar Yadav, the outstanding batsman for India, ended a remarkable run of dominance on Wednesday by unseating Mohammad Rizwan of Pakistan to claim the top place among batters in the ICC T20I rankings. Only the second Indian hitter in history earned the top rank thanks to him. Suryakumar had reached a personal milestone, but he was unaware of it. Only after his interview with the ICC was he made aware of it, and the batter’s expression was priceless.

Suryakumar earned his India debut less than 20 months ago after winning the selectors over with his IPL prowess. He scored a century and 11 fifty-plus runs during that time, but his 177 percent strike rate and all-around scoring prowess have stood out in terms of his career.

After the game on Wednesday, ICC presenter Zainab Abbas spoke with Suryakumar and congratulated him on rising to the top of the T20I global rankings. Is it, Suryakumar quickly responded.

“You didn’t know about it?” Zainab questioned. “I was unaware of it. I was merely taking texts from all of my friends and relatives on my phone,” Suryakumar said.

Suryakumar, who has already reached fifty runs in four innings at this World Cup, said that he wants to keep holding onto the top batter position. It has been a lot of effort from beginning to end, but I am extremely satisfied with it (ranked No. 1), he remarked. “It was really tough to get there (No. 1), but I anticipate that remaining here will be much harder. It will be difficult, but I’ll do my best. The Indian hitter went on to explain how the team’s management had a significant impact on his ascent.

Because of the number at which I bat, there is a lot of pressure when you go into bat, “The freedom from the (India) management is a tremendous lift for any player.” “Out of 10 occasions, if I am successful seven times why not pursue a positive route?” I ask myself. “I feel the way they have treated me and given me a green signal to express boldly and I like what I do wherever I am in the side, even if I go out.”