Not many Indian cricket players have achieved success at the International level in the sport, but one man has come out as the most successful Indian captain in Test cricket, Virat Kholi, who led India to many test series win outside of India and gave India fans hope that they can rise back to the top of world cricket. 

How does one describe the success of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kholi? Here are some reasons why Virat Kholi’s leadership is so highly appreciated by his teammates and cricket fans alike and what makes him such an effective leader in India’s test team. He has won several cricket awards, is one of the most loved captains, and is also one of the best-looking cricketers in the world of cricket! But how did he reach this pinnacle in his life? And what makes him so special that he became the most successful Indian captain in test cricket? 

Most successful Indian Test captain

It’s hard to think of a sportsperson in India who has enjoyed more success than Virat Kohli. Having led India for seven years, it’s not so surprising that he hasn’t had much time at all to establish himself as one of India’s most successful captains. In the era of Virat Kholi, the Indian team remains number one in test matches for almost 5 years. He remained the only captain whose team reached the No. 1 spot in tests for more than 5 Years. Under Virat Kholi Captanicy India has won 40 matches out of 68 matches and 17 were drawn. The results have been astounding.

While there are many legends captains in Indian cricket like MS Dhoni and Ganguly in Indian cricket history, Virat Kohli might be able to make it into their league with his sheer willpower and determination.

5 Most Successful Indian Test captain List

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Player Matches Won Lost Tied Draw Win% (rounded off)
Virat Kohli 68 40 17 0 11 59%
MS Dhoni 60 27 18 0 15 45%
Sourav Ganguly 49 21 13 0 15 43%
Mohammad Azharuddin 47 14 14 0 19 30%
Sunil Gavaskar 47 9 8 0 30 19%

What makes an effective skipper

In order to become an effective skipper, you have to be a good leader. As captain of your team, you need to display leadership qualities like courage and humility that will help make you a positive role model for your teammates. You must also be a passionate cricketer who is actively involved in every aspect of cricketing life on and off-field. Above all else, you need to be flexible with your ways so that you can strategize effectively against a range of opposition teams. Virat’s way: This India skipper seems to do it all. He plays well as opener and one down; he bats powerfully during innings chases and does not shy away from any bowling attack on home or away tours. An extremely fit player—he practices exercise regularly—he has been known to score centuries in every session of play and then go out there fielding at a silly point or at the backward point with equal intensity till stumps are drawn at end of the day’s play.

Leadership qualities

It is often said that leadership qualities are inherent and are hard to teach. While that may be true in many cases, it is also true that there is a great deal one can learn about leading others. In cricket, there have been some outstanding leaders who have led teams through tough times with grace and calmness while instilling confidence among their peers. One such individual is India’s current test captain – Virat Kohli. Virat has proved his worth as a leader both on and off the field and looks set to lead Team India for quite a long time.

His team spirit

Team spirit is a rare quality in professional sports. But it’s something you can find in abundance in every Virat Kohli-led team. His ability to put aside egos and personal ambitions for that of his team’s victory makes him stand out from his peers. More than anything else, it is why he has achieved success as captain despite having such a young career behind him. It’s one thing to be passionate about your game; it’s another thing entirely to have the presence of mind that defines leadership. By leading by example and putting others before himself on so many occasions, Virat Kohli has shown that he has what it takes to be successful at all levels he chooses to take his career in the future.

His fitness routine

In every sport, fitness is always at its peak when it comes to ensuring that performance levels are on point. That’s exactly why India skipper Virat Kohli makes sure he has a good workout routine in place so that he can keep up with his fans’ expectations. His dedication towards fitness helps him maintain both physical strength and mental stability during an international match. He keeps pushing himself hard both physically and mentally thereby keeping all distractions aside while doing what he loves best – playing cricket! Kohli made no space for compromise when it comes to fitness levels.


One does not have to look far for an answer to what makes Virat Kohli, one of India’s most successful captains in test cricket. His cool-headed yet energetic style is a virtue that has endeared him to a generation of fans and made him one of India’s biggest sports icons. But there is more to it than that – his impressive records speak volumes about his ability and commitment to play by rules.