Stuart Broad has recalled how he felt “confused and irritated” after receiving the “five-minute phone call” informing him that he had been withdrawn from England’s team for the West Indies trip and that he was unsure about his future as a Test cricketer.

Broad said in his weekly column that the decision had “struck me fairly hard” and had disrupted his sleep. He also said that once England’s new managing director and head coach have been selected, he would seek conversations with them before making a decision on a possible comeback this summer. He stated in the Mail on Sunday, “I always strive to find a positive in the hand that has been handed to me.” “To be honest, it’s been a little more difficult this time since the decision to keep me out of the West Indies trip has struck me hard.

“Not to exaggerate, but it has impacted my sleep. One morning, I told my partner, Mollie, that my body hurt. That, she said, would be due to stress. No, I can’t make the claim that I’m as good as gold because I’m not. It would be a mistake to appear as though everything is OK.”

“The only positive I can take from a personal standpoint is that my form-and you could add Jimmy Anderson’s recent performances to this as well-has been excellent,” he remarked. “In the last two Ashes tests, I got 11 wickets; I’ve been Test match quality for a long time and, for the previous eight years, world-class. As a result, it’s even more aggravating that they don’t regard me as part of their near plans, particularly with a view to looking at a strategy to win away from home, which was briefly stated to me.”