Kuldeep Yadav returned to the Indian Test squad outstandingly. In his first Test match for India in 22 months, Kuldeep pulled up a five-wicket haul in the team’s convincing 188-run victory against Bangladesh in Chattogram. He was subsequently honoured as India’s Player of the Match. The leg-spot spinner in the Indian squad is still uncertain, according to India great Mohammad Kaif, despite the leg-record-breaking spinner’s performance.

Kuldeep was the first Indian spinner to ever pull up a five-wicket haul at the ground with final stats of 5 for 40 in the first innings. Also among the finest bowling statistics ever recorded by an Indian spinner in Bangladesh.

Later, Kuldeep picked up three more dismissals in the second innings as India defeated Bangladesh by 188 runs to take a commanding 1-0 series lead. Kuldeep received the Player of the Match honour for his all-around performance, which featured a heroic 40-run effort and a 96-run partnership with R Ashwin in the first innings.

In contrast, Kaif said in a Sony Sports interview that Ravindra Jadeja and Ashwin would be India’s first and second choices, respectively, and that Kuldeep would remain their third choice. Despite Chattogram’s performance, he believes Kuldeep will likely be forced to sit out of the home series against Australia.

“When he was with KKR, he got wounded. He made a tremendous return despite being emotional. He went through a period of a few years when he wasn’t selected for the Test squad, his white-ball play wasn’t up to par, and he never really had much backing. His career will now have a special spot for this Man of the Match title. India will continue to focus on Ashwin and Jadeja. His position in the Indian squad is still up in the air. If India fields two spinners against Australia. The options will still be Jadeja and Ashwin. The difficulty still exists since he is the third spinner. Making the most of his opportunities is what he must do. It was a significant five-wicket haul on this surface in the first innings. It was elegant,” he stated.

Ajay Jadeja, a former cricketer for India, who served on the same panel, said that Kuldeep would be India’s first pick under unfavourable circumstances but Ashwin and Jadeja will always be ahead of them in the pecking order.

“He is the No. 1 because of the expertise he has,” Kuldeep will be the third option if you just consider finger spinners, but when spinners aren’t needed, he moves up to the first spot. He has consistently experienced rejection, which I continually monitor. He was chosen this time, and he showed it. Given that India had two spinners, it wasn’t essential to play him, but they made a decent decision and I hope they stick with it, he added.