Naveed Nawaz, Sri Lanka’s current assistant coach, believes that a great outcome in Bangladesh would put a smile back on the supporters’ faces at home, despite the country’s political and economic difficulties. He insisted that the team’s preparation for the two Tests has not been affected by the current difficulties.

“I don’t believe it has damaged us so far,” Nawaz added. “The majority of cricketers are continuing to work hard. Their training has been going on for a few months now. There aren’t many positives [in Sri Lanka] right now. Taking some positives back home will be quite beneficial. We want to keep motivating the country’s young people.”

Despite the fact that their bowling unit is inexperienced, Nawaz believes they can give the home side a fight for their money. “In our bowling group, there is some inexperience. For both teams, the batting is significantly greater. They’re also rather similar. Bangladesh’s bowling team includes some kids. The two sides are equally matched, making it an exciting series to watch “he stated “This will be a difficult series.”

“Whatever comes through, we are really positive and open-minded. We’ll do our best to adjust to the circumstances and pitches in Chittagong [Chattogram]. It has always generated a large number of runs, so we anticipate the same.”