Virat Kohli found his mojo during the Asia Cup 2022, scoring his first century for India since November 2019. His century against Afghanistan was his first in the 20-over format; his last hundred came in a Test match against Bangladesh. Sourav Ganguly, the head of the BCCI and a former captain of India, praised Kohli and said that the star batter is a more skilled player than he is.

On the YouTube channel TRS Clips, Ganguly lauded Kohli and highlighted his skills, saying he would make more appearances than he would at the end of his career.

“The player’s skill level should be the main comparing point. In my perspective, he is more talented than I am. We played cricket often throughout multiple generations. It’s conceivable that he will play more games than I did when I was his age. In my generation, I performed. Currently, I have played more games than he has, but he will grow used to it. He is incredible,” said Ganguly.

Before the Asia Cup began, Ganguly had predicted Kohli’s return to form, saying a player of his caliber wouldn’t have such a long dry period.

Ganguly had said, “He’s a very significant player, there for a long time,” outside of a media gathering in Kolkata. I am aware that he has his system to score runs. His size makes it impossible for him to go through such a protracted dry spell, and I do not doubt that he will score runs. He would not have scored so many runs for so long if he weren’t a superb player.

During his interview with TRS Clips, Ganguly spoke about how the next generation of cricket players would play with more aggression than the previous group. He explained how the game changed over time.