India’s major domestic tournament, the Ranji Trophy, is set to return this year after a 2-year break due to COVID-19. Ranji is a huge opportunity for new talents to find their place in Indian cricket and for experienced star players to regain their form. Many talented domestic cricketers were financially hit after Ranji was cancelled, and they will be looking forward to playing in this upcoming tournament eagerly. In this regard, Ganguly feels that this could be a significant chance for Pujara and Rahane to compete in Ranji and build their form back. A Sportstar report released Sourav’s statements in this discussion.

“They are, indeed, excellent players. They should return to the Ranji Trophy and score a lot of runs, which I am confident they will. I don’t understand why they shouldn’t return to domestic cricket after so much international cricket. We’ve all participated in the Ranji Trophy, which is a significant event. As a result, they will return to perform. They’ve previously competed in the competition when they were just playing Test cricket and not part of the ODI or limited-overs squad”.

“We obviously missed one Ranji Trophy season – the 2020–21 season. It is India’s most significant competition, and we have always aspired to host it. But I don’t believe something like what the world has experienced in the last two years could have happened in anyone’s lifetime. Organizing any event with all of these factors in mind was a task. We organised the Cooch Behar Trophy, and the third wave arrived. The virus infected 50 gamers on the first day alone. As a result, it is not simple. However, we are fortunate in that we can still hold competitions. We’re still crossing our fingers that everything goes well”, Ganguly concluded.