Deepti Sharma gained notoriety earlier this month when she bowled Charlotte Dean out in the third ODI of the series at Lord’s. Since it was the final wicket of the game, India won by 16 runs and completed a 3-0 clean sweep of the series. The dismissal sparked debate among English cricket fans, and many criticized Deepti for doing it even though it was allowed by the rules of the game.

At the time, Ravichandran Ashwin, one of India’s top male off-spinners, came out in favor of Deepti. Ashwin has used the dismissal himself sometimes and continues to be extremely outspoken in asking other bowlers to utilize it as well. In a YouTube video posted earlier this week, the off-spinner provided a detailed overview of the Deepti-Dean scandal, which has dogged international cricket ever since.

The question “Jab defend karke jeete do match, tab kyun nahi bheja usko?” is also included. Latif’s direct response to Shaun Tait’s venomous PC remark

“Always seeing them as if they have done a crime. At first, everyone in the world thought so. However, the majority of them are beginning to understand that the bowlers weren’t there to do any crimes. Many of them have begun to wonder why the person who ought to be guilty is being questioned instead of the innocent, according to Ashwin on his YouTube channel.

“Only a select group of folks seem to have an issue with this. They constantly play the victim, in my view. However, if anything new occurs, some people will object, and that is reasonable, he said.

Ashwin also referred to the two-day Test between India and England that took place in Ahmedabad in 2021. The pitch was criticized by many backs then, but Ashwin thinks that it is an essential component of “managing the narratives.”