Suryakumar Yadav has been in outstanding form throughout the T20 World Cup and is now the third-highest scorer in the tournament. With a mind-boggling strike rate of 193.97 and 225 runs in five games, the middle-order batter has almost hit the ball to every corner of the field.

Team India has mostly benefitted from Suryakumar’s 360-degree approach since it has enabled them to produce great totals. Similar circumstances occurred in the match against Zimbabwe on Sunday in Melbourne, when the right-handed batsman struck 61 off 25 balls.

His incredible performance left many in amazement, and Pakistani cricketing star Shoaib Malik gave one of the kindest responses. Malik, who had been impressed by Suryakumar’s creative approach, cleverly compared the batter to a well-prepared. He is a student who has completed all of his assignments and is well-prepared. And he confidently responds “yes” when the instructor inquires whether all of the allotted work has been completed. He is the best illustration of middle-order batting. Others may learn a lot from this as well. The fielder begins aiming for such spaces as he is called in. He makes good use of his shot selection since he is aware that he won’t be able to hit four consecutive sixes. We have watched his interview as well; he has put in a lot of work, which is evidence that perfection comes from repetition, the former Pakistan captain said in a conversation on A Sports.

Next up is India’s quarterfinal battle against England, and both management and supporters anticipate another electric performance from Suryakumar.