Team India has become a force to be reckoned with in recent years. Bharat Arun, India’s former bowling coach, was a key figure during the Kohli-Shastri era. He was a crucial part of their winning streak. During his tenure, India’s bowling went from being good to being amazing. As a result, it is safe to argue that he elevated Indian bowling to a world-class level. Bowlers also took 20 wickets to win a Test match. As a result, as a bowling coach, the former Indiana pacer made sure that the Indian bowlers were at their best at all times. Fortunately for the team, he, Shastri and Kohli had a great rapport. Their team values were crystal clear

Ravi Shastri’s team ideals were discussed in a recent interview with The Indian Express. He also claimed that during India’s prior head coach’s time, there were no agendas.

“Fearlessness and honesty are two words that come to mind. There was no agenda during his time in office. The decisions may or may not have been correct, but they originated from the right place, based solely on team values and what we stood for as a team,” Bharat Arun explained. The former India bowling coach then discussed the team’s evolution.

“Criticism and self-introspection are all part of being honest. It was in informing the squad that they should understand that we made a mistake. It aided in the development of the team,” he continued. Arun lavished accolades on Shastri. As a result, the Indian team’s development under the previous coaching staff was absolutely inspirational. India advanced to the semi-finals of the 2019 ODI World Cup and the final of the 2021 World Test Championship under his leadership.

In 2017, Ravi Shastri was named head coach of Team India. In 2019, he was re-appointed to the same position, and his contract was extended till the 2021 T20 World Cup. He announced shortly before the seventh edition of the T20 World Cup that it will be his final assignment as India’s head coach.