In their first season in the competition, the Gujarat Titans won the 2022 Indian Premier League under the leadership of Hardik Pandya. The all-rounder, who had himself recovered from a protracted injury absence, put in strong performances throughout the competition. He and coach Ashish Nehra led the Titans to the top of the group stage standings, and they went on to win the championship after defeating Rajasthan Royals in the final in Ahmedabad.

Ashish Nehra received plaudits for his uncomplicated teaching techniques throughout the season; in contrast to other coaches, Nehra was often spotted with a piece of paper in his hand. The former India bowler has humorously revealed what he wrote on the paper, which has inspired several memes on Twitter.

“The document contained nothing. I have no idea why everyone thinks the article included anything significant. When questioned about the paper during a discussion on Cricbuzz, Nehra amusingly said, “It simply contained a menu for our practice session. Paper pe sirf menu tha ki practise pe hamaara menu kya hoga.”

Nehra emphasized that he is far from being a “super coach” and claimed that he is only a spectator, despite the anchor in the conversation introducing him as such.

I am not a terrific coach. I was a spectator sitting outside, just like you. When the team succeeds, you discuss various topics. All coaches work hard, and sometimes their efforts pay off. We had a great first season with Gujarat Titans, and we are happy, added Nehra.

The Gujarat Titans were the first team to advance to the playoffs, winning 10 of their 14 games in the group rounds of the season. After the season, Pandya also had a fantastic recovery for the Indian squad, solidifying his position as the group’s top all-rounder in limited-overs forms.