An on-field drama ensued among the players of the Indian team after DRS reversed the decision of the field umpire. At first, it looked like a simple case as the ball struck Dean Elgar’s pads and it was instantly declared as out by the umpire. But the DRS review revealed that the trajectory of the ball was completely off from the wickets. The Indian team was more than just disappointed.

“Focus on your team when they shine the ball,” Virat Kohli said via the microphone as he moved up to the stumps. Meanwhile, KL Rahul was overheard stating, “It’s the entire country versus 11 men.” Meanwhile, R Ashwin challenged the broadcasters directly, stating, “Supersport, you should find better methods to win.”

Kohli understandably lost his cool and directed his anger at the host broadcaster. Gautam Gambhir has spoken against Kohli’s outburst and has called him immature. “Kohli is a naive young man. It’s the worst thing an Indian captain can say on stumps. If you do this, you will never be a role model for children. You were mute in the first innings after getting a 50-50 judgement on being caught behind, and you were silent in the Mayank appeal as well. I believe Dravid will speak with him about this.”

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