Despite Rohit Sharma’s poor World Cup performance as a player and captain, Mumbai Indians coach Mark Boucher believes Rohit still has a lot of life left in him.

The South African will take over as MI coach starting with the 2019–2020 season, replacing Mahela Jayawardena, who has been named the club’s global performance director. Boucher supported Suryakumar Yadav being given a Test cap at this interview. It took place within a Viacom 18 Sports event. Excerpts…

You were just sitting in the dugout of a T20 World Cup last month. What course do you think T20 cricket will take for the game?

It becomes more and more scientific. There are matches, strike rates, and phase-wise reasoning. You must find the right balance as a coach between your dependence on science and your willingness to make changes when necessary. There are instances when having the matchwinner and allowing him to contest the game is desirable. There have been considerable changes made to the game. People often work with their strategists who collect the information for a certain bowler you can match up with. You have to be prepared to make some dangerous choices. Because occasionally things won’t work, you must accept both the good and the terrible. It is moving in the direction of the American style of playing the game, which mainly focuses on statistics.

Teams that play Test cricket similarly to England do so.

The play style of the English Test cricket squad is a topic we discuss often. To play in that manner, you must first have the appropriate conditions in place. Second, you need players with the confidence to behave in that way and the ability to do so. They also require the selectors’ confidence that if they follow instructions and go, there will be some continuity.

England has a lot of experience in addition to their openers. The middle order is capable and powerful. They are all outfitted with the necessary equipment since they all play limited-overs cricket. They could also show how detrimental they are in the specific situation. I do think that T20 has developed to the point where players are no longer reluctant to express their opinions when the chance arises. They need the coaching staff’s assistance. That is precisely what is happening with England.