When it comes to press conferences, Rohit Sharma is a complete showman. His brilliant one-liners and jokes to lighten the mood have become legendary, and Saturday was no exception. When a reporter asked Rohit a question on the eve of India’s 1000th ODI match, which would be his first official game as full-time captain, he delivered another gem.

‘We have seen how India has always provided many possibilities for young people. So, when we look at it, India’s top three have followed the same pattern since 2013. Do you believe the time has come to encourage these young players to bat a little higher so that they can perform better? It produced great outcomes when you and Shikhar (Dhawan) were made to open in the 2013 Champions Trophy. So, do you believe that promoting them higher could be beneficial to India in the long run?”, asked the reporter in the press conference.

“So you’re saying Shikhar and I should leave the team and work with Ishan Kishan and Ruturaj Gaikwad as our openers? Is that okay?”, replied Rohit Sharma.

“When I and Shikhar were made to open, good results followed but these players (I, Dhawan and Virat Kohli) have given quite good performances over the years. Yes, the youngsters will get a chance. They will get the opportunity like Ishan is getting, this will continue. We have a lot of matches coming up and the batters would get their chances in due time. Whoever performs will surely get to play. Recently, Dhawan batted well in South Africa. The poor guy got hit with Covid, Ruturaj got it too. So, Ishan got the opportunity. Similarly, all these guys’ time will come. It’s not that we are continuing with the same pattern or anything, and when the time comes, it is important for the young players to make it count,” said Rohit.