After India and Bangladesh’s T20 World Cup match on Wednesday in Adelaide, a Pakistani journalist said that the International Cricket Council (ICC) often favours India in multi-nation competitions. Shahid Afridi, a former Pakistan cricketer, didn’t openly agree but his response followed a similar pattern. Their remarks were based on an incident involving Shakib Al Hasan during the Super 12 Group 2 game, in which the Bangladesh captain was not pleased with the play starting 15 minutes after the rain ceased. Notably, Adelaide is regarded as one of the fastest-drying places on earth.

Afridi’s remark caused quite a commotion in the world of cricket, and BCCI president Roger Binny responded to the accusations on Friday with a scathing response.

A Pakistani journalist had said, in response to the incident at the Adelaide Oval during the rain delay: “Shakib Al Hasan is very much alive. The screen is on, or something like that. Ground dekhi aap ne geeli thi. The same phrase was uttered by Shakib Al Hasan, and it was also shown on the screen, “Par mujhe lagta hai ki ICC ka jhukaav jo hai, woh zara India ko kisi tareeke se semifinal pohuchaane ke liye kar raha hai.” You could see how drenched the earth was. However, I believe that the ICC has a bias in favour of India. They will stop at nothing to guarantee that India makes it to the semifinals.”

The panel’s member Afridi reacted by stating, “I am aware of the events. The game restarted right after the break because of how much rain had fallen. It is clear that there are several elements at play, including the ICC, India’s participation, and the pressure that comes with it.”

Despite India being a “major powerhouse” in cricket, Binny has reacted angrily to the two’s claims, claiming that no side receives preferential treatment at ICC competitions, not even India.

“Not right. I don’t believe the ICC is in our favour. Everyone is treated equally. You cannot possibly say that. What sets us apart from other teams? We are all treated equally even though India is a major cricketing power, he told ANI.

When the rain began, Bangladesh was leading the chase in terms of DLS par score, but once play resumed, they started to crumble like nine pins and finally lost by five runs. India moved one step closer to semi-final qualifying with the victory.