India has suffered consecutive losses in the Super 4 stage and is on the verge of being eliminated from the Asia Cup. India changed their lineup for both games since all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja was ruled out. Deepak Hooda, a batting all-rounder, has been added to the lineup to replace Jadeja in the lower middle order, one of the finishing places.

In the two games against Sri Lanka and Pakistan, respectively, Hooda only scored 3 and 16 runs. Since Hooda has previously had success playing in the top order, veteran opener Robin Uthappa believes India may be missing a trick by playing him further down the order.

“In the sense that you need players who excel in certain positions, you need horses or courses. India has brought in players who aren’t playing in their best positions throughout a previous couple of games. Deepak Hooda lacks finishing ability. He previously failed to complete for the Lucknow Super Giants or India, according to Uthappa on ESPNCricinfo.

“You are merely putting pressure on the guy if you push him into a competition like the Asia Cup at No. 6 and No. 7. Make him play there since he is a high-caliber player who excels in that position, he urged.

According to Uthappa, India is overthinking its way out of the competition since they have athletes that must play in precise spots. “We are attempting to repair an unbroken system. We have overanalyzed this to death. Even if you may claim to desire to play a certain style of cricket, the key to success is having wickets in hand when you bat first. You will always be in trouble if you don’t get wickets at the end of the innings, he remarked.