The Rohit Sharma-led team will get an opportunity to test themselves in the next Asia Cup event, which starts from August 27 forward in the UAE, before preparing for the T20 World Cup in Australia later in October. Rishabh Pant or Dinesh Karthik should be selected to create the ideal lineup, according to veterans and analysts. India has chosen its 15-man team with their playing XI decided for the competition. The kid had a simple remark in response to these allegations and the competition that followed in the XI.

Since June, India has played the majority of its T20I matches with Karthik and Pant in the same lineup. Together, they have played in both the home and away series against South Africa in the West Indies, with the youthful player playing wicketkeeper and the veteran playing finisher.

Experts and veterans, however, believe that India must choose one of the two to balance out the team by bringing in Hardik Pandya and bringing Virat Kohli back to the starting XI.

When asked about the possible danger Karthik poses to his position in the T20I lineup for the Asia Cup, Pant told Zee Hindustan, “We don’t think on such lines. As individuals, we constantly strive to give the team our all. Rest relies on the captain and coach and how the squad could benefit from it.

Both Pant and Karthik were passed over for the Zimbabwe tour, which kicks off on August 18. They both will play next at the Asia Cup, where India will play their first match against their bitter rival Pakistan on August 28 at the Dubai International Stadium.