A local motorist saved India player Rishabh Pant after he was involved in a terrible automobile accident on Friday morning and made sure the batsman got out of the burning vehicle unharmed. Pant, 25, managed to avoid any serious injuries and is now receiving treatment at the Max Hospital in Dehradun. Pant’s Mercedes-AMG GLE43 Coupe reportedly hit the barrier after hitting the speed limit as Pant was dozing off.

Thankfully, the driver—who goes by the name of Susheel Kumar—was nearby when the collision occurred and rushed to the cricketer’s aid. Susheel said he saw Pant’s vehicle colliding and being pushed to the other side of the road when he was travelling from Haridwar to Haryana on the other side of the road. What’s more, Susheel had seen that the automobile was ready to take fire and had assisted Pant in crossing the street safely.

“I work as a driver at the Panipat depot of Haryana Roadways. Leaving Haridwar at 4:25 in the morning is our bus. As I was travelling, I saw a fast-moving automobile smash into a barrier after becoming unbalanced. The automobile hit the incorrect side of the road, the one leading to Delhi, and came to rest there. When I saw the automobile squeal into the second lane of the road, I instantly hit the brakes. I hurried to get him out of the vehicle with the conductor since it had already started to ignite. By that time, the fire had begun. Then, three more individuals sprung into action to secure him, “Susheel spoke with numerous media organisations.

Susheel went on to say that until the cricketer revealed Pant’s identity to him, he was unaware of it. Susheel, however, did what was necessary at the moment and called the ambulance without caring about producing movies, wasting time, or anything else. Even Pant’s mother’s phone number was unreachable, he said. However, just in time, an ambulance came to transport him to a neighbouring hospital. Susheel and several other villagers rushed to rescue the day even though Pant was in horrible physical condition, with blood streaming from his face and scratch wounds all over his body.

“Despite our cries for assistance, nobody responded. When I dialled the National Highway, nobody picked up. After that, the conductor called for an ambulance and I raced up to the cops. We repeatedly asked him whether he was okay. He was given some water. He informed us of his identity after regaining his composure. My conductor then informed me that “Sushil… he is an India cricketer,” however I didn’t know who he was since I don’t watch cricket “Suheel furthered.

“We were given his mother’s phone number. When we tried to contact her, her phone was off. After waiting for 15 minutes, the ambulance showed up, and we boarded. Additionally, he had left his money in various places along the street, which we collected and gave to him. I inquired as to whether he was riding alone. There is no one, he said. His clothes were ripped, his back was scraped, and his face was covered in blood. He was limping and in a panic.”