Ricky Ponting, a former captain of Australia, commented on Virat Kohli’s recent slump and predicted that the former India captain will soon reclaim his dominant form. Formerly the most reliable batsman in the world, Kohli is now through a protracted period of bad form, and it is looking like scoring runs will be quite difficult. Kohli’s performance has deteriorated even more after standing down or quitting as India’s captain, leaving him as a mere shell of his former self. As a result, there have been rumors concerning Kohli’s status on India’s T20 World Cup roster. Many people think that, based on his recent performance, he is unworthy of a spot on the team that will fly to Australia in October. Legendary all-rounder Kapil Dev of India had argued that if Ashwin, the No. 2 Test bowler, could be dismissed from India’s playing XI, then Kohli should be subject to the same punishment. Ponting, on the other hand, is not one of them and he continues to think that a team that has Kohli is still more frightened than one that does not.

“If I were an opponent captain or player, I believe I would be more afraid of facing an Indian team that includes Virat Kohli than I would not. I am aware that he has had some difficulties; it has been a trying period. However, whether they were bowlers or batsmen, every great player I have seen in this game has gone through that at some point. The top players always manage to bounce back and react, and Virat will eventually do the same “On The ICC Review Show, Ponting stated.

Ponting observed that excluding Kohli from India’s first World Cup games usually has the opposite effect on Kohli. According to the former Australia captain, if Kohli is pulled out of the starting lineup to make room for other players, and assuming they perform well, Kohli’s prospects of regaining his form would be seriously harmed. The message to Kohli, according to Ponting, will be clear if he replaces Rohit Sharma with Rahul Dravid: Create an atmosphere that is as healthy and encouraging as you can from Virat’s perspective.