After the BCCI stayed steadfast in their decision to not send the Indian team to Pakistan for the event at the recent Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting last week in Bahrain, Pakistan seems unlikely to host the 2023 Asia Cup. Although the substitute location has not yet been decided, Pakistan is incensed by the choice. Additionally, they have hinted that they may skip this year’s ODI World Cup, which will be hosted in India. An ex-leader of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has attacked the BCCI harshly and claimed that they also influence the ICC.

Team India won’t be visiting Pakistan, the BCCI secretary and ACC head Jay Shah said in a shocking remark in October. PCB answered with an adamant response. However, it was anticipated that the issue would be resolved during the ACC match on Saturday, but there hasn’t been a formal statement as of yet.

According to reports, the event won’t be held in Pakistan, even though Pakistan would maintain the hosting rights. Former PCB chairman Khaled Mahmood was incensed by the call and said that the ICC should have intervened to resolve the BCCI’s attitude, but he also accused the highest cricket organization of being swayed by the Indian cricket board.

The ICC should demonstrate its authority and tell India, “Who are you not to go and play Asia Cup in Pakistan? The world doesn’t operate on philosophy and ideals. But India has a significant impact on the ICC “added he.

Khaled, however, believes that Pakistan should accept the choice of a different location since a tournament without India would result in a significant loss of cash.

“Corporate sponsorship will all end if we hold the Asia Cup without India and its athletes. Big money will cease. And without them, it won’t be a spectacular event. It would be poor competition. We’ll lose money as well.