There have been plenty of stories and theories running around as to why Virat Kohli, the boy from Delhi who thrived on Butter Chicken ended up becoming a complete vegetarian. The Indian captain has often claimed that turning vegetarian has been the best decision of his life as a cricketer. However, there has never been an exact explanation of why Kohli did that until today.

Amid the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, Virat Kohli joined his good friend Kevin Pietersen for an Instagram Live session where he revealed the series of events that prompted the Indian Captain Virat Kohli to give up on meat and turn a complete vegetarian.

It all started during India’s tour of England in …. where Kohli gave up meat and turned a vegetarian in the middle of a series due to the difficulties he faced in his cervical disk. According to Kohli, he faced a nerve issue which result him not feeling the little finger on his right hand.

Upon consulting with the medical professionals, he came to know that his body was generating a lot of Uric Acid and had started to suck the calcium out of his bones. As a result, Virat’s bones were beginning to get weaker and were giving him critical health issues. As per Virat’s own confession, the Calcium and other medication was not helping him as the situation had become dire.

After giving a lot of thought, Virat Kohli decided to turn complete vegetarian which has helped him immensely and has turned him an epitome of how an athlete should be like.