Social media has been filled with romance rumours around Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree Verma during the last few days. When Dhanashree deleted the word “Chahal” from her name on her official Instagram page, rumours about a potential rupture in the relationship started to circulate. When the Indian spinner uploaded a tale in which he discussed beginning a “new life,” more rumours started to circulate. Chahal and Dhanashree, however, had cautioned the fans not to trust in “rumours” earlier this week.

Earlier today, Dhanashree sent an emotional message on her own Instagram page in which she expressed her anger at the rumours, calling them “hurtful.” The choreographer also said that she had been in excruciating agony for the previous 14 days after tearing her ACL ligament while performing for a reel. Additionally, she claimed that she was unable of doing life’s “basic tasks” and that rumours about her connection with Chahal were “hateful” and “draining.”

“I’ve been lying about at home and have only moved from my bed to my sofa” (along with physiotherapy & rehab every day). As she reported the injuries on her page, Dhanashree stated, “But what has also got me through this is the support of my near & dear ones including My husband, my family, and my closest friends.

“This is when I needed the most support, and this is precisely the moment when people picked up some strange news about us! “I was trying extremely hard to get my brain around this terrible news of not being able to perform the simplest things in life sufficiently. Hearing all of it made me feel sad since it was so cruel. It was exhausting, to put it mildly “She continued writing.