Former India coach Ravi Shastri feels Virat Kohli was fired by the BCCI because the ODI captain is beneficial to the prolific batter and Rohit Sharma, who has taken over as a white-ball skipper. There have been issues about whether Kohli’s name is the correct name since his unceremonious dismissal as ODI captain, and Shastri believes it is. The former India coach believes that there should only be one white-ball captain.

Shastri believes Kohli’s dismissal will be a gift in disguise because he will be able to focus more on his batting now. “I believe it is the best course of action” (2 captains for white-ball and red-ball cricket). For Virat and Rohit, this may be a blessing in disguise. In our day of bubble living, I don’t believe one man can handle all three (captaincy in all three formats). Shastri cautioned Star Sports, “It’s not easy at all.”

In some aspects, Shastri and Kohli are linked, according to him. “We’re both quite aggressive, and we played to win. We quickly realized that we needed 20 wickets to win, so we decided to play aggressive and fearless cricket.” It meant that you would lose games at times, but once you got one over the line, it was contagious.”

In addition, Shastri remarked that not utilizing Rohit Sharma’s batting expertise would have been a failure on his part. The 59-year-old admitted that he was set in his mind when deciding on Rohit as a Test opener. “It was crystal clear in my mind that I wanted to accomplish it” (establish Rohit as a Test opener). “I figured that if I can’t bring the best out of him as a batsman, I’m a failure as a coach because there was so much skill there,” Shastri explained.