Team India’s head coach Ravi Shastri, bowling coach Bharat Arun, and fielding coach R Sridhar have yet to become qualified to fly out of England, which is a huge development. Shastri got the COVID-19 virus ahead of the fourth Test between England and India earlier this month. He was eventually placed in isolation with Arun and Sridhar, who were considered to be close to him.

Although the fourth Test was not affected by the news, more cases in the India camp meant the fifth and final Test was postponed indefinitely. While the rest of the Indian team has already flown to the United Arab Emirates for the second leg of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021, Shastri, Arun, and Sridhar have remained in India due to quarantine rules. All three members of the support staff have returned with negative COVID-19 testing thus far. They’ve even completed the required 10-day period of isolation. They would, however, have to pass a “fit to fly” test in order to board the trip to the UAE.

For the uninitiated, a CT scan displays the presence of viral load in a COVID-19 infected person as well as the extent of infection in his lungs. A higher CT score implies recovery, and it is thought that a CT score of 40 is required for extended flights.

Because none of the three Indian coaches exhibit any symptoms and are in good condition, they can only fly back after receiving a certificate from the health authority. Meanwhile, the trio’s next duty is to compete in the high-octane T20 World Cup 2021, which begins on October 17. Time does not appear to be an issue for Shastri, Arun, or Sridhar, despite the fact that the global event is only a month away.