Ramiz Raja has come up with a quadrilateral series between 4 major cricketing nations, and with it, he has put forward his big ambitions to bring a change in the administrative framework of that Super Series. In Raja’s words, it sounds even more intriguing.

“For the sake of the game and the fans, we must break through the walls. Sorry, but cricket is doomed if you can’t find a window for this. I propose forming a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) within the ICC to manage the four-nation Super Series, complete with a dedicated CEO. A new system for the pooling and sharing of money is required. The financials and money might be split among the ICC Boards in a phased proportion method. For this, we’ll need to build an FTP window. It might be a commercial and viewership bonanza, as there would be multiple little wars inside such a league, such as Pakistan-India and the Ashes rivalry (England-Australia). As the challenge of franchise cricket grows, it would be a magnificent comeback of sorts for the country’s competition (international cricket). I have yet to publicly float it (the concept), but I may do so before the end of the week. ”

The idea behind this new venture is interesting, but it will face strong opposition from the ICC clauses stated in the Member Participation Agreement, which is considered quite strict and prevents such moves by the cricket boards.

Source – www.cricbuzz.com