In this current T20 World Cup, bitter rivals India and Pakistan have scored two different runs. India won the thrilling match when the two faced off at the tournament’s opening in Melbourne. Pakistan has since suffered setbacks but miraculously recovered to reach the championship game. India, on the other hand, had a fantastic group stage run that was ended by England in the semifinals. Ramiz Raja, the head of PCB, launched his classic “billion-dollar industry” jab at India and the BCCI following the results on Thursday in Adelaide.

A week ago, Pakistan was in danger of being eliminated when they were 43 for 4 in the crucial South Africa match. In that game, they recovered and went on to win two straight games with the help of the Netherlands, who shocked the Proteas to advance to the semifinals. After defeating New Zealand, Pakistan advanced to the T20 World Cup championship for the first time since 2009.

India finished first in the points table by winning four of their five group games. However, India’s streak was cut short when England’s opening pair of Alex Hales and Jos Buttler launched a furious attack, resulting in a 10-wicket loss in Adelaide.

Ramiz took a shot at Team India with his earlier remark about the “billion-dollar industry” when he was speaking to the media before the Pakistan-England final, saying that people had doubted the team themselves and that the World Cup had demonstrated why you shouldn’t.

“Human beings have doubts, that is for sure. Pakistan kitna aage nikla hai, aap dekhe world cricket kitne peche reh gayi hai. As you know, the World Cup is currently underway. Hum jo hai woh upar nikal gaye hai ki billion-dollar ki industry wali teams peeche reh gayi hai. Theek kar rahe hai na hum toh kahi cheez. Thus, uska aap should respect and enjoy bhi kare. Pichle mahine ne main hi teen players are among the ICC’s best players, as stated by the issi team main se. Theek kar rahe hai na toh kahi cheez (We had self-doubt. We have all observed how Pakistan has surpassed other multibillion-dollar teams in this World Cup. We are thus carrying out some tasks correctly. Like three cricketers were chosen as ICC Player of the Month in the previous month),” he said.

On Sunday at the MCG, Pakistan and England will square off.