The Rawalpindi pitch, which will host the opening Test between England and Pakistan, has drawn significant criticism for its lackluster quality. The ‘unsporting’ surface in Rawalpindi has only angered cricket fans and pundits around the world at a time when cricket boards are desperately trying to revive Test cricket.

England batted first and scored 657 runs in their first innings, 506 of which came on the opening day alone, with as many as four batters reaching century status. Ramiz Raja, the head of the PCB, finally addressed the issue after several former cricketers from Pakistan and England had criticized the PCB for setting up a wicket unsuitable for Test cricket, acknowledging that it was a very “dull pitch.”

“It was simply outstanding batting. Pakistan only managed to avoid giving up 30 runs in 5 minutes when they were using DRS. It was fantastic and the best example of how to completely dominate a boring pitch with exciting batting “According to Raja, BBC Test Match Special.

The criticism is also a result of PCB’s refusal to acknowledge and correct past errors. The same problems with the pitch had come up earlier this year when Australia visited Pakistan for a three-match Test series. Back in March, Australia won the series with a 115-run victory after the first two Test matches in Rawalpindi and Karachi ended in high-scoring draws.

Back then, too, there were complaints about the caliber of the pitches, with the ICC event rating the Rawalpindi pitch as below average. However, it appears that the PCB paid no attention to what was being said. Saqlain Mushtaq, the coach of Pakistan, actually defended the playing surface after the first day and predicted that it would improve by the third.

“This Test match has only just begun, in my opinion, and already we are talking about the next day. In Test cricket, wear and tear alter the pitch’s behavior. Although England deserves a lot of credit, this Test will be very exciting “He had revealed to reporters following Day 1’s stumps.