It has been confirmed that Kohli has recovered from his back spasms and will be able to play in the final test match. Even though some might argue that it was long destined for Hanuma Vihari to be left out when Kohli makes his return. With the defeat that Team India faced in Johannesburg, some important questions have been raised about Rahane’s place in the squad. His inconsistency with his batting and his not so great form has become an issue for Dravid and Kohli, and they seem to have been stuck with him for good.

Saba Karim has also pointed that fact and voiced his concerns along the same lines. “The squad composition will be the most important question that will be asked. Virat Kohli and Rahul Dravid will have to settle on the starting XI. Because Virat Kohli is returning to the XI, the key question is whether you will drop Ajinkya Rahane or Hanuma Vihari. Siraj is now injured, so who would you play in his place? ” If you’re looking for experience, I think you should go with Ishant Sharma. However, who bowls better in the nets between Umesh and Ishant will determine the outcome. ”

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