Professional Cricketers Association has been asked to appear before the parliamentary committee to provide proof against the allegations that have been made against it for its conduct regarding racism. In the review of this allegation, Azeem Rafiq accused PCA of being inept for their actions.

According to ESPNCricinfo, Rafiq’s hearing provided clarity on this issue. “The PCA kept promising me that once the report was released, they would back me up. Once it did, they claimed that they had no authority and that all they could do was push the ECB. I was left to battle on my own by an organisation that should have been there for me and supported me”, Azeem stated.

To acknowledge this issue, Tom Harrison, who is the ECB chief executive, conducted a press conference. “On Tuesday, we had a board meeting, and a group from Yorkshire came down to give us a detailed presentation on Lord Patel’s and his team’s achievements in the short time they have been in control of YCCC. The only reflection I would have on the items overnight–and believe it or not, I haven’t spent much time looking at them since there have been a few other things going on -is that any indication that there isn’t an issue with racism in Yorkshire is a reason for tremendous concern”, Harrison concluded.