Another setback at the hands of the ICC. For Team India, the template won’t adapt. Reactions are still pouring in after the Men in Blue were eliminated from the T20 World Cup after being thrashed by England in the quarterfinal by 10 wickets. The margin and style of defeat hurt more than the actual defeat, not the loss itself. The Indian bowlers failed to deliver on a big platform like the semifinal as England’s opening duo of Jos Buttler and Alex Hales exhausted Rohit Sharma and his squad, accomplishing the 169-run goal in only 16 overs.

There will be inquiries after the scale of the loss, but there is no assurance that any answers will be forthcoming soon. Over the last 16 hours, there has already been a flood of passionate responses, with people like Shoaib Akhtar, Sunil Gavaskar, and others contributing. However, Atul Wassan is one of those who has said some shocking things against the Indian squad and targeted some of its top players.

“The bar for contentment has lowered significantly. These players will become legends despite their defeats. They’ve received a lot more compensation for a lot fewer, easy victories. They have become celebrities thanks to IPL victories. A player receives four contracts if he performs well in a bilateral series. They believe that nothing will be lost even if they lose the World Cup. Life continues, “Speaking on ABP News, Wassan

The former Indian pacer thinks that current players are unaffected by World Cup losses and that for some of the performers, life will go on. Wassan asserts that even if the players underperform, it won’t be the end of the world because they have already received far greater compensation for their accomplishments in bilateral series.

“It is important to classify the fame that surrounds an Indian cricket player. You must realize that the media and the fans are largely to blame for this. Players believe they have accomplished everything because we give them such high praise for unimportant victories in bilateral series. In the past nine years, we have failed to win an ICC tournament. Ten Indians would be among the top 15 cricket players in the world if you were to choose them based solely on endorsements, notoriety, or fame. When the day is done, the trophy cabinet is empty “Wassan threw in.