Cummins, who had withdrawn from the 2nd leg of IPL 2021, has confirmed that he will participate in IPL 2022. His inclusion in the IPL was doubtful as many English and Aussie players were going through bio-bubble fatigue. Many talented players like Joe Root and Ben Stokes were considering entering the upcoming auction but decided to prioritise their national team instead.

According to times now news Pat says, “At this point, I’ve registered for the auction and I intend to do the IPL. I don’t have any suggestions for anyone else. I believe you have to be conscious of (workloads); it might be a lot of time on the road; some people manage it better than others; you have to know what you’re signing up for. It might be a long winter, but the previous two have been rather tranquil at home. Traditional tours are still a ways off, so it’ll remain bubbles for a while longer. It is essential that everyone is aware of it.” Cummins has played regularly in the past few seasons of IPL and was one of the highest-paid players of IPL 2020.