The contentious dismissal of Hardik Pandya in the first ODI match against New Zealand sparked a discussion online, with many supporters arguing that the all-rounder was not out. Most people felt that Tom Latham’s gloves, not the ball, had touched the bails when Pandya was ruled out by the third umpire.

When Pandya attempted to stop the ball from angling toward him in the 40th over, the incident took place. The wicketkeeper, who was positioned close to the stump, caught the ball after it had gone very nearly by the stumps, but one of the bails came loose in the process. The third umpire was then consulted on the matter, and after a thorough review, he or she decided in favor of the fielding side.

Latham’s gloves were quite near to the bails when the ball was caught in the wicketkeeper’s gloves, which changed the appearance of the ball on TV replays.

The third umpire also verified that Latham had picked up the ball behind the stumps, which he did, but since there was insufficient proof, Pandya was given the benefit of the doubt.

Before collecting the ball, the TV umpire looked to see whether Latham’s gloves were behind the stumps. They were, thus it was a legal delivery, and he was satisfied that there was no concrete proof that the bail had been moved by the wicketkeeper’s gloves.

The verdict, in Ravi Shastri’s opinion, was unjust to the batter since he was providing analysis at the time. “Oh, it was distributed! Daryl Mitchell ought to be content “On-air, Shastri remarked. “Should be pleased because it seemed like the ball was at least an inch or inch and a half over the stumps if you look at where the keeper’s gloves are and where it is when it passes them. The ball seems to be over the bail. You can see that there isn’t a red light when it passes by the gloves; it just appears after that. You’re all set. You can see that the gloves are closer to the bails than the ball from that viewpoint “he added.

Ravichandran Ashwin, an Indian all-rounder, concurred that Hardik was “not out.”

Forget split screens and replays; Shubhman Gill’s cut shot demonstrated why Hardik was Not Out, he tweeted.

Wasim Jaffar, a former Indian cricketer, shared this sentiment in a tweet that said, “Hardik robbed there.”

Shubman Gill’s heroics on Wednesday in Hyderabad propelled India to a stunning 349/8 in 50 overs despite Hardik falling for 28 off 38 deliveries.

In response, Michael Bracewell and Mitchell Santner almost derailed India’s celebration with their incredible hits, but ultimately, the hosts emerged victorious. New Zealand lost half of their side inside the first 25 overs of their 350-run chase due to a sluggish start. However, New Zealand remained competitive because of Bracewell and Santner’s strong pairing. For the seventh wicket, the duo contributed 162 runs, with Santner contributing a 45-ball 57. Bracewell kept things going despite losing his buddy and was the last guy to go. In the last over, Shardul Thakur caught him LBW for 140 off 78 balls, causing New Zealand to fall 12 runs short of their 350-run target.